As an entrepreneur, you are constantly working to improve your business. You want to structure the processes in a way that allows them to contribute to your objectives in the best possible way. Do you have a clear picture of your business processes already, but do these still need to be perfectly integrated within your applications? Or do you need help choosing and/or implementing software solutions? Our consultants will be happy to help you with these and other problems.

We will take care of it
We offer you complete, effective solutions, with better and faster implementation than our competitors. This is made possible by our many years of experience in the area of business implementation and optimisation. Our consultants combine their business knowledge with a thorough knowledge of applications and software. Because we are independent, we are able to give sound advice based on a thorough analysis.

In six steps:

1. Evaluating the application(s)
2. Analysis of required functional customisation and migration
3. Preparing a functional design
4. Preparing a technical design
5. Development, implementation and testing process
6. Documentation of procedures and work instructions

How do we get there?

We mainly work with ERP, software from INFOR and Microsoft (Dynamics AX).

We use INFOR ERP LN software for:
• The optimisation of business processes
• Information analysis
• Application implementation, management and support
• Data administration
• Barcode solutions
• External data access (retrieval of ERP data through custom Portals using our Baan connector)

We use Microsoft Dynamics AX for:
• Implementation and optimisation of Microsoft Dynamics AX
• Analysis and Reporting Services
• Functional and Technical advice in the development of your Enterprise portal
• MS Dynamics AX Application Support, Training, Data administration, Barcode solutions
• Customised work (with MorphX)
• Installation, configuration and management

The result
Thanks to their experience within various logistics companies and their knowledge of the leading applications and software, we are confident that our consultants will provide you with optimal guidance and that they will ensure a perfect software implementation.