Maybe your company has been working in the same way for years, with the same software, the same systems and the same processes. Because why would you change it if everything is going well? But is it all really going the way you want it to? Are your logistics processes still a perfect match for your business objectives? Or is it time for optimisation?

We will take care of it
Our highly experienced project managers are happy to advise you and contribute their ideas. Thanks to the use of a Business Scan, which focuses on your wishes and requirements, you will discover where you can make a profit. We translate our advices into a clear project plan that we implement with care. Our independence is a great advantage, ensuring that you get the best possible advice.

In six steps:

1. Inventory
2. Baseline measurement
3. Key Performance Indicators
4. Project plan
5. Project implementation
6. Final measurement and evaluation

How do we get there?

  • When preparing the project plan, we will answer the following questions:
  • Where are you now and where do you want to go?
  • What problems are you experiencing?
  • Which applications do you use and which applications can and/or should be replaced?
  • How and when will we replace specific applications?
  • Does the software that you use meet your requirements? Are there any alternatives?
  • Can we connect things and/or use them more efficiently?
  • Can we make data more accessible for people working from home and for field staff?
  • Which employees should we involve in the optimisation?
  • Who will be the key users and will they receive additional training?

The result
You can count on us for a powerful, well-organised implementation of the project. Our project managers have extensive experience and are fully committed to your project. After completion of the project, your business processes will be better aligned with your business objectives. Your operating expenses (OPEX) and TCO will be lower and your ROI will accelerate.