Software development

The proper management of all data is a challenge for every company.  Data can only provide you with valuable information if you present and archive it in a structured way. In addition to structural data from applications such as ERP and CRM, there is also a large amount of unstructured data, such as quotes, presentations, e-mails and letters. We can make this data visible.

We will take care of it
Together with Ometa, an expert in the area of Sharepoint, we developed the INFOR/Baan Connector for Sharepoint. The INFOR/Baan Connector works as an interface and allows you to link your application with Sharepoint. This will result in a good information retrieval from logistics systems. We can also provide customised work for other applications. Thanks to this software, you can create practical Internet and Intranet portals, including authorisation per web page, access to pages with project management, call management, documentation management, calendars, archiving etcetera.

Thanks to the INFOR/Baan Connector, in combination with our customised approach, we can implement nearly all business processes. This includes Quote Management, Contract Management, Customer File Management, Project Management, Project Information Management, Quality Management, Management of incoming and outgoing invoices, Archiving and Knowledge Management.

The result
Our solutions offer many advantages:
–          The interface offers you perfect retrieval of important information.
–          You do not need to purchase new, separate software.
–          No difficult implementations because the INFOR/Baan Connector can be linked
to almost every system.

This allows us to improve your data management quickly and easily. This will result in a more efficient operation.